Thank you for your interest in Westminster Presbyterian Preschool conveniently located in sunny Point Loma, a community in the city in San Diego.

When you visit our preschool, you will find children enthusiastically engaged in one or more of the following activities:

  • Monthly themes, featuring hands-on experiences, such as dinosaur digs and make-believe trips to foreign lands
  • Language arts programs designed for each age level using games, puppets, creative dramatics, and literature
  • Discovery approach to math and science
  • Friendly letter puppets teach the alphabet and phonics to three to six years olds
  • Bi-monthly cooking projects to build independence and good nutritional habits
  • Weekly motor lab activities with balance beams, obstacle courses, scooter boards and parachutes
  • Emphasis on character building, manners, and creativity
  • Holiday parties and holiday shows starring our students
  • Art with pizzazz
  • Year-round family events such as interactive open houses, potluck lunches and parades, field trips and pony pictures
  • A specialized Kindergarten Transition class designed for those children who need an extra year prior to Kindergarten (ages 5-6). ¬†Class size is only 12 children and taught by a credentialed teacher.

If you would like more information regarding our school, would like to schedule a tour of the facility, or would like to put your child on our waiting list, please contact:

 Westminster Presbyterian Preschool (619) 224-7403
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