pic4For many of you, sending your child to preschool is a first step into the social and educational development experience for your family. During a visit to Westminster Presbyterian Preschool you will hear numerous child development words and concepts, along with common educational terms, such as “curriculum”, “lesson plans”, “circle times”, “kindergarten preparedness”, and so on. Yes, at Westminster, we have a curriculum – one for each age group, from the 18 month old classrooms through pre-kindergarten. The key to a successful preschool program is developing and carrying out an age-appropriate curriculum that is developmental, educational, and also FUN. Our focus is always on fully preparing your child for elementary school. No doubt you are aware that standards for elementary school readiness are constantly being raised. Our standards have always been high, and we can call on 28 years of feedback from families whose children have attended Westminster Preschool. The highest compliment we can receive is when elementary educators tell us, “We can tell which children have been to Westminster. They are all so well prepared!”

Our curriculum development is an annual process that involves many hours of work by some of the most experienced, capable, and dedicated people in the preschool field. The process starts with our owner, who outlines curriculum goals for language, math/ science, art and music. Using the outlines as guides, a curriculum committee meets frequently to further refine the goals, update existing programs, and develop curriculum for the coming year. Monthly themes are assigned and changed yearly. The end result is that each classroom teacher has access to the complete curriculum and is responsible for achieving the curriculum objectives, through planning stimulating and fun circle times, based on each monthly theme. Much of our teaching is done through “life experience” activities.

While all this may sound highly “academic”, we are also having plenty of fun, as we pursue our goals for learning. Socialization is a critical part of the preschool experiences and our children are learning social skills, and making friends, at the same time they are developing educationally. In effect the preschool environment “mimics” elementary school; although there are no tests, no report cards, only parent conferences and developmental evaluations. The daily routine and activities at Westminster makes adapting to “big school”, a simple and exciting process for your child. We have years of experience in knowing that the process achieves its objectives.

Judy and Ron Stephens
Westminster Presbyterian Preschool

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