Our Staff

Good teachers are truly the heartbeat of an outstanding preschool program. The role of a preschool teacher in the healthy development of your child is similar to that of elementary and secondary school teachers.

At Westminster Preschool, acquiring and retaining the best teachers is the most important thing we do. Continuity of staff is the mark of a well run preschool; frequent turnover is not.

We are so pleased that our teachers are not only experienced and well trained, for the most part they have elected to stay with us. Consider these factors:

  • Most of our teachers have either a four-year degree or an AA degree in child development. In addition our teachers are like mothers in their warmth, love and enthusiasm for children.
  • Training and support of our teachers is ongoing.
  • The recruitment process includes a thorough background check requiring FBI and DOJ fingerprint clearances. In addition, college transcripts, letters of recommendation and references are carefully reviewed.
  • Most importantly, all teacher candidates are required to demonstrate age appropriate lessons so they can be evaluated according to their ability to relate to children.

At Westminster Preschool our ongoing commitment to your family is to always provide the very best teaching staff available.

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Judy Stephens
StaffPic JudyStephens150x150
by Nathan, age 5

Debbie Batchman
Preschool Director
StaffPic Debbie BatchmanB150x150
by Dori, age 5

Joy Metcalfe
Kindergarten Transition Teacher
StaffPic Metcalfe150x150
by Josie, age 5

Jackie Phipps
Teacher – 3-Year Olds
by anonymous 


Peyton DiSenso
Before School Teacher/Teacher’s Assistant
StaffPic DiSenso150x150
by Charlie, age 4

Tammy Schmidt
Pre-K Teacher
by Danielle, age 4

Leticia Villanueva
Teacher – 2-Year Olds
StaffPic Villanueva 150x150
by Zaiden, age 4 1/2


by anonymous, age 3